Well hello there space traveler! 

You’ve been waiting to travel for a long time? It's now possible to go to the most beautiful places in the galaxy!... or whatever you can afford.

- Allen, Space Boat Travel Agent.

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Hello time traveler! 
We haven't announced our new shiny company or even our game yet, so how did you find this!?

- Space Boat Devs.

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Meaningful Allegory

Let's all point and laugh at videogame monetization schemes. What better way to do it than in a videogame.

2020-12-06 22_03_13-SpaceBoat - Unreal Editor

Out of this world, but close to home.

Never forget: Always read the fine print.

During a time where developers are deleting half their game and selling it back at a premium, we want to make a game that you can enjoy and purchase at reasonable price. Sounds simple doesn't it? 

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