Shape-Shifting Jewel Thief Encounter

For the Kickstarter demo, we figured we'd include a sample of what cat-mode would be like. This is the mode when you're outside of your mech suit, a.k.a your M.U.E.L. (Mobile Undercover Evidence Locker). Since the story of Space Boat revolves around a shape-shifting jewel thief, we also figured we should meet our doppelganger. Take a sneak peek at how both goals are coming together:

Inspector Domino running through air vents.

Meeting "Doppelmo" (the shape-shifting jewel thief that has taken on Domino's form).

Confronting Doppelmo and wondering how they can breath the toxic fumes emanating from Space Chuck's bathrooms. I guess there's worse than methane when it comes to flatulence in outer space.

By the looks of it, deadly gas isn't the only obstacle up in the air vents.

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