The Jelly Shore’s Underbelly

We figured it would be fun to explore a little of Gelatonix IV's geological makeup. Although the game won't go into detail as to how the gelatinous planet has multiple layers of sedimentary jelly and strata, we wanted to make sure we knew how it worked. Space Boat will surprise people when they discover it's more than just a goofy universe. In fact, we hope people will enjoy discovering the universe that has been carefully crafted and breath easy with its sci-fi roots. Our hope is that people who are disenfranchised with the direction of major sci-fi titles will have something to stimulate their sci-fi taste buds.

I wonder what it would feel like to swim in a river of melted jelly.

Whenever you're out of your mobile suit, you realize how big the world is when seen from the perspective of space cat.

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