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Wondering why we have pizzas on our site? Well you see, we could spend a lot of money on this website or we could re-use a pizzeria template for free and spend the money on the game itself. Expect a pizzeria in our game as a result though.

Recombobulator games is a small indie company built by AAA veterans that want nothing to do with scummy monetization practices currently employed by AAA companies. We want nothing more than to make great quality games that harken back to the golden years of gaming but with modern themes and technology. 

Luis Alonso founded Recombobulator Games in August of 2020 (during the Covid-19 pandemic). He has been a game developer for over 20 years and brings knowledge from a number of AAA productions (i.e.: Mass Effect 3, DeadSpace 2, Need For Speed: Nitro, Thief, etc.) He has been in the role of: animator, FX artist, shader artist, environment modeler, character modeler, technical artist, technical animator, technical director of art, and stress casualty. Since he is the only full-time person on Recombobulator's first game, he is holding things together with his knowledge of scripting languages and his rudimentary knowledge of programming languages. Fortunately, he is using Unreal Engine 4, which allows him to cover a lot of ground with the blueprint system. Additionally, he holds a degree in accounting, so he is counting every penny to make his dear game Space Boat, a reality. 

Space Boat is Recombobulator's first game. It is based on a universe that Luis Alonso created over 30 years ago and then continued to develop over many years after.

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‘Best pizza in the world. Have you tasted better?’
- John Smith
‘Delicious and Hot, Pizza Just for you.’
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‘Freschetta. The fresh taste sensation.’
- NObody